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Let’s get your child’s stutter sorted.

The Stuttering Toolkit is an online program for parents, designed to overcome
childhood stuttering. 


Welcome. I’m Dr Kerianne Druker.

Lecturer, Researcher, Academic and Speech Pathologist. I have worked with thousands of families to help them conquer their child’s stutter.

What you can look forward to

Confidence about what stuttering is and what causes stuttering

So many parents feel worried, overwhelmed and even sometimes guilty when their child starts to stutter. By understanding the characteristics of a stuttering disorder, and why it starts, you will feel much more at ease about helping your child with this problem.

Certainty about how to respond when your child stutters

Communicating and talking is how little ones interface with the world around them. By understanding what to do when your child stutters, you are ultimately giving them the skills to communicate confidently and effectively for life! The treatment techniques in this program were trialled in my PhD and found to be more than 90% effective - the highest success rate of all stuttering treatment approaches currently available.

Knowledge about what can cause your child to stutter more

Knowing what can trigger your child’s stutter to increase, will give you the confidence about how to manage these tricky times - which can often make your little one really frustrated!

What you will learn in this course

So many families I work with have often been on a waitlist for an extended period of time, and have had to watch their child struggle more and more with their words, as the stutter becomes more severe. After children have stuttered for 12 months or more, the chance of recovering from this potentially lifelong disorder reduces dramatically. This shows how important timely and effective intervention is, to give your child the best chance of overcoming this problem.

You will get access to every practical tip and tool you need to help reduce your child’s stutter immediately!

What you get for $197.00

You will get access to the online video program that you can listen to or watch for 12 months. It is in this program that you will receive all of the how to information, methods, implementation and knowledge about childhood stuttering treatment. 

A few of the topics covered

Information about what stuttering is, and the different types of stutters

When is the best time to actually start treatment

Overview of the different treatments that are available for childhood stuttering

What influences stuttering in different situations and on a daily basis

Practical tips and techniques to use when your child stutters

Keeping track of your child’s improvement


​​Access the Stuttering Toolkit today

Access the Stuttering Toolkit. You will be on your way to help your child overcome their stuttering problem, that will benefit your child’s communication skills and confidence for a lifetime.

You will get access to the same methods and teachings that I have used to successfully treat 100’s of children’s stutter around the globe. I want to reach as many families as I can, to give their children the best chance of recovering from stuttering.

Your investment: one time payment of $197.00


What is included?

This course provides exceptional value to parents who want to address their child’s stuttering problem. 

The average Speech Pathology assessment is $400. The average cost of a therapy session is $100. The amount of information, practical tips and strategies you receive in this program would typically take place in an assessment session and 4 follow-up therapy sessions. When you add that up, that’s a total value of $800. When you complete this course, you receive this level of information and training for just $197AUD. 

You will have access to the training online training program for twelve months. 


Free Resources

Stuttering Checklist

Work through a list of evidence-based steps to give your child the best chance of recovering from stuttering. 

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A Guide to Understanding and Treating Your Child’s Stutter

Take a sneak peak of what the Stuttering Toolkit has to offer, and learn about the treatment principles that have proven successful for more than 90% of children who stutter.

Get Free eBook

Take the quiz

Find out if your child has a stutter through this simple assessment.

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Ultimate Guide to
What Influences Your Child’s Stutter

Does your child’s stutter increase or fluctuate in severity and frequency?

Does this seem to happen: 

  • At certain times of the day?
  • In specific situations? 
  • Or when talking to some people but not others?

Learn what’s included in our Ultimate Guide to What Influences Your Child’s Stutter eBook.

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Dr Kerianne Druker has been a guest on three StutterTalk podcasts. StutterTalk is an international not for profit organisation that provides an open forum to talk about stuttering. StutterTalk podcasts are broadcasted in 180 countries.



Dr Kerianne Druker interviews an individual about his experience living
with a stutter, to help raise awareness about stuttering.

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