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Helping Children Throughout Australia Reach
Their Full Potential

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Helping Children Throughout Australia Reach Their Full Potential
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Introducing Exceed Speech

Understand how to increase your child's communication and learning skills to close developmental gaps and allow them to exceed their potential.

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Meet Dr Kerianne Druker

I am a dedicated speech pathologist and academic working with children from 2-12 years old.

My PhD is in paediatric stuttering, and I also have expertise across a range of other clinical areas – articulation, language, executive functioning, social communication and literacy. I am passionate about providing early intervention to maximise a child’s potential and quality of life.


Free Resources

Stuttering Checklist

Work through a list of evidence-based steps to give your child the best chance of recovering from stuttering. 

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A Guide to Understanding and Treating Your Child’s Stutter

Take a sneak peak of what the Stuttering Toolkit has to offer, and learn about the treatment principles that have proven successful for more than 90% of children who stutter.

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Find out if your child has a stutter through this simple assessment.

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How Exceed Speech Works

Independent parent education

We have created evidence-based, practical resources to empower you with the necessary tools to support your child. Before booking in for one on one sessions, take advantage of the resources available.

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One on one therapy

Book a free consultation to discuss your concerns. Find out if an assessment is recommended.

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Your child’s assessment will reveal a comprehensive profile of their strengths and areas where support is needed. Therapy will be tailored to suit each child and their family. Sessions can be conducted via telehealth.

How Telehealth Works

When to seek help

Have your concerns been brushed off by family members or other health professionals?

Are you confused about when to take action?

Research tells us that early identification and intervention for speech problems is so important, to allow your child to take advantage of the critical period of time when the brain is hardwired to learn communication skills. Early intervention has shown the most successful long term outcomes in all areas of speech and language.



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