Hi, I’m Dr Kerianne Druker

A dedicated speech pathologist and researcher in the area of early intervention for communication difficulties.

Understand how to increase your child’s communication and learning skills, to close developmental gaps and allow them to exceed their potential.

Dr Kerianne Druker

Introducing Exceed Speech


Enhancing communication and learning
outcomes for children


Stuttering Clinic

Learn how to effectively help your child overcome their stuttering, with well-researched strategies tailored just for your family. Get started straight away to give your child the best chance of recovering from this potentially lifelong problem!


The Memory Bank

Discover how working memory has a crucial impact on social, academic, and communication development. Take advantage of our practical online training programs to kickstart your child’s improvement in this area.


Beyond Communication Delays

Understand when to seek help for your child’s learning or communication difficulties in their critical development years.

When to seek help under-line-1


Have your concerns been brushed off by family members or other health professionals? Are you confused about when to take action?


For Medical Professionals


Let’s have a chat about your concerns

Timing can be crucial in early development. My goal is to strengthen children’s communication and learning skills during their critical development years so that they can succeed emotionally, socially and academically - now and into the future. I’m here to listen to your concerns and let you know how we can help.

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How Telehealth Works

We provide a range of services that are designed to be practical and easily accessible.