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Stuttering Checklist

Work through a list of evidence-based steps to give your child the best chance of recovering from stuttering.

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A guide to understanding and treating your child’s stutter

Take a sneak peak of what the Stuttering Toolkit has to offer, and learn about the treatment principles that have proven successful for more than 90% of children who stutter

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Stuttering Toolkit

The Stuttering Toolkit is an online program for parents, designed to overcome childhood stuttering. Class numbers are limited.

A few of the topics covered 

  • Information about what stuttering is, and the different types of stutters 
  • When is the best time to actually start treatment 
  • Overview of the different treatments that are available for childhood stuttering 
  • What influences stuttering in different situations and on a daily basis
  • Practical tips and techniques to use when your child stutters 
  • Keeping track of your child’s improvement 

Acces the Stuttering Toolkit. You will be on your way to help your child overcome their stuttering problem, that will benefit your child’s communication skills and confidence for a lifetime. 

You will get access to the same methods and teachings that I have used to successfully treat 100’s of children’s stutter around the globe. I want to reach as many families as I can, to give their children the best chance of recovering from stuttering.

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Ultimate Guide to What Influences Your Child’s Stutter

Does your child’s stutter increase or fluctuate in severity and frequency?

Does this seem to happen:

  • At certain times of the day?
  • In specific situations? 
  • Or when talking to some people but not others?

The Ultimate Guide to What Influences Your Child’s Stutter will answer all these questions for you. 

There are several factors that can influence your child’s stutter. Knowing what these are can prepare you to help your child through these trickier times - with less frustration for both of you!


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