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Click here to purchase a comprehensive, evidence-based stuttering treatment course that will
empower you to overcome your child's stuttering disorder.


Stuttering and Behaviour eBook

Learn about the links between stuttering and behaviour problems. Understand how these two co-occurring issues affect your child on a daily basis.



Memory Bank


Super charge and enhance your child's working memory skills to help them exceed their potential!


I have conducted research that has shown excellent outcomes for children and their
families when services are provided via Telehealth. Have your questions about Telehealth answered!


Telehealth Testimonials 


"The Telehealth sessions have worked incredibly well, and she has been able to keep my daughter engaged and motivated to work hard during her sessions. The interactive whiteboard is a real highlight, and allows my daughter to feel as if Kerianne is right behind the screen!"

Raheli, Perth WA


"My four year old has been attending Telehealth sessions with Kerianne for six months now. We have found the sessions just as impactful as in-person therapy, plus a lot more convenient! Kerianne has kept my daughter engaged and interested throughout the sessions."

Gemma, Perth WA


"My son looks forward to his Telehealth sessions and it is one of the highlights of his week."

Jacky, Brisbane QLD