My child has started to stutter. When should I seek help?

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My child has started to stutter. When should I seek help?


When a child starts to stutter, one of the first questions that pops into a parent’s mind is: When do I start treating it!?

This video blog answers that question for you, and its key points are summarised below:

  • The recommendation several years ago was to watch and wait for around 6 months to monitor the stuttering severity and associated frustration levels.
  •  However, according to the best available research evidence and Speech Pathology Australia’s position statement, this is NO LONGER the best recommendation. 
  •  The updated gold standard recommendation is to get started with stuttering treatment as soon as possible!
  •  This is because the more opportunity a child has to practise a “skill” or problem, the stronger the brain connections become and the more difficult it is to overcome. The same applies with stuttering. 
  •  We also know that the chance of recovering from stuttering after 12 months is less than 10%. This really punches the point home about why it is crucial to get started with treatment as soon as possible, to give your child the best chance of overcoming the problem. 

Now that you are confident about when to seek help for your child’s stuttering, please get in touch to discuss how I can best support your child and family! 


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