3 factors that make Dr Druker's stuttering treatment so successful!

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3 factors that make Dr Kerianne Druker's stuttering treatment so successful!


When your child starts stuttering, it is really important to get treatment as soon as possible. The type of treatment you get is equally as important, because you want to give your child the best chance of overcoming their stuttering problem. 

In this video, I will be discussing 3 factors that sets my childhood stuttering treatment apart:

  1. Effective rate - according to my PhD research, the effectiveness rate of my stuttering treatment has been found to be over 90%. This is significantly higher than the effective rates of other childhood stuttering treatments currently available (with an average effectiveness rate of around 75%).   
  2. Not a one size fits all approach - we work with each child and family to implement a tailored and individualised treatment program that best suits your child’s stuttering type, while considering your parenting style and your child’s temperament.   
  3. Natural and flexible - the treatment principles are designed to be added into your daily interactions and conversations with your child. There is no need for formal speech practice time.

If your child has started to stutter and you want to give your child the best chance of overcoming their problem, or if your child has had treatment in the past that wasn’t as successful as you had hoped, please get in touch with me to chat further! 

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