Stuttering Toolkit

Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects how individuals express themselves on a daily basis. 
My PhD research focused on the treatment of preschool children who stutter. Over 90%
of these children recovered from stuttering!

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that will empower you to overcome your child's stuttering disorder.

Find out if your child has a stutter by taking this quiz:

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Stuttering and Behaviour eBook

Do you notice that your child's behaviour has an impact on their stuttering? Learn about how and why this happens for your child!




Dr Kerianne Druker has been a guest on three StutterTalk podcasts. StutterTalk is an international not for profit organisation that provides an open forum to talk about stuttering. StutterTalk podcasts are broadcasted in 180 countries.

What is early intervention really about?

StutterTalk, Ep. 650

PhD students having an impact on the world of stuttering

StutterTalk, Ep. 654

The physical aspects of stuttering: Genes and brain structure

StutterTalk, Ep. 651

Dr Kerianne Druker interviews an individual about his experience living
with a stutter, to help raise awareness about stuttering.