When to seek help

Have your concerns about your child's communication or learning development been ignored?


Clinical Services


Language refers to speaking, writing and making gestures. Children need to use and understand language to be successful communicators. Some important language skills include: building sentences, using vocabulary, answering questions and following instructions.

How we can help:  

We identify the gaps in your child’s language skills, to build your child into a clear and confident communicator.


Speech refers to how your child produces sounds when they talk, and can impact how clear and understandable they are to others.

How we can help:  

We will identify which speech sounds your child is having difficulty with, and teach them to express these sounds clearly. This will help your child become easily understood by others, and get their points across without confusion!

Social Communication

Social communication skills are needed to use appropriate verbal (e.g. conversation skills) and nonverbal (e.g. body language) language in social situations, including during social interactions.These skills are often difficult for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How we can help:  

We will focus on explicitly improving verbal and non-verbal skills that are difficult for your child, to help them develop positive self esteem and social relationships.


Literacy involves learning how to read, spell, write, and comprehend text.

How we can help:  

We will work through a successful step by step program to close any gaps in your child’s literacy development, to enable them to develop a love for reading and writing!


A “stutter” causes the speech muscles to trip up or stumble when making words, and affects the flow of communication.  

How we can help:  

Our treatment principles for reducing stuttering are simple, highly effective, and embedded throughout during daily activities with your child.

In - School Screening Program

Speech and language screening is a time and cost effective way to monitor children’s communication milestones. Most importantly, it helps us to identify children at risk of communication and learning difficulties, so we can provide early intervention and improve their long-term social, emotional and academic outcomes. 

Conducting speech and language screening in your daycare or school is beneficial for the following:

  • - Early identification of children who may be at risk of speech or language delay.
  • - Provision of professional education seminars to educators.
  • - Creation of parent training sessions for parents to maximise their children’s communication skills.

To find out more about screening programs, contact us today!

Online Teacher Training

We provide tailored professional development and teacher training to suit the needs of your organisation. Sessions are interactive and will leave you with lots of strategies to immediately embed into your day care or classroom.

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